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Just as the sun gives us warmth and vitamin D, the Earth gives us food and water, a surface to walk, sit, stand, play, and build on, and something you never, ever thought about—an eternal, natural, and gentle energy. Think of it perhaps as vitamin G—G for ground. What does that mean to you? Maybe the difference between feeling good and not so good, of having little or a lot of energy, or sleeping well or not so well. You can’t see the Earth’s energy but some people can feel it as a warm, tingling, and pleasant sensation when they are out walking barefoot along the water’s edge at the beach or on a stretch of dew-moistened grass. This Earthing Mat delivers a constant flow of Vitamin G to help you feel GOOD. 

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Stand Barefoot On This  Earthing Mat Gives You All The Vitality From "Grounding" While You Are At Home Or In Your Office. 

Earthing Universal Mat Conductive Kit  Grounding Mats

Packing including:

1 * Desk mat 68*25cm 

1 * 5meters grounding cord






About the Product


• LESS STRESS, DEPRESSION & ANXIETY Studies have shown that earthing could improve heart rate variability, reduced stress and decreased anxiety and depression. 

• Lowered stress levels could mean fewer headaches and even recovery from adrenal fatigue


• REDUCES INFLAMMATION Free electrons play an important role as antioxidants. Once we're able to neutralize the free radicals with the electrons from the earth, inflammation can begin to subside, and this is key to slowing or preventing so many chronic diseases.


•SLOWS THE AGING PROCESS Free radicals are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to aging, and by neutralizing them, you'll be slowing down the aging process.


•BETTER SLEEP Another side effect of earthing is a deep restful sleep. Studies have shown nighttime cortisol levels dropped, and people experienced better sleep and were in less pain than they were before the study began.


•BETTER CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH Studies recently published found that grounding can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Contact with the earth's 

natural energy thins the blood and reduces inflammation, resulting in better blood pressure and blood flow.

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